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Book Cover Design – Solar Quotes

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ebook cover design

Book Cover Design – BOSS 2011

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Book Cover Design

Book Cover Design – Mr Saltwater Tank

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Book Cover Design

DVD Cover Design – Think Yourself Thin

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DVD Cover

CD Cover Design – Reduce Absence Now

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Like this CD Cover Design – Click +1 Above!

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CD Cover Design




Cover Graphics

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How to Effectively Use Cover Graphics to Attract People

Cover graphics are effective marketing tools.  They can be used for book covers and e-book covers, website design, banner design, product labels, CD covers, and many more.  The quality of your graphics plays a crucial role in attracting people.  If you have something to sell, people will be compelled to take a look at your product if its cover design is catchy and attractive.  This means that the graphic presentation of your product could generate plenty of leads and greater earning potential for your product.  Here are the proven ways how to effectively use graphics to attract people.

Make Sure Your Cover Graphics Are Unique

Many people are tempted to use cookie-cutter graphics for branding their products.  They simply use free images and stock clipart to save money.  However, this is the best way to ruin your chances of getting ahead in the market.  If you use graphics that others are already using, then you can not achieve effective branding.  What you need to do is to use unique cover graphics so that your books or product labels will stand out among the rest.  This strengthens your position in the market and will help consumers in identifying your brand. You can hire a professional graphic designer or use graphic design software such as CorelDRAW, Photoshop, and Disk Cover to make your product cover more unique.

Choose the Right Colors for Your Cover Graphics

The color schemes of your cover graphics play a crucial role in attracting people.  Colors convey emotions and they are very effective in triggering a positive action from your target customers or audience.  The color of your graphic design therefore can communicate with people.  If you are not a graphic designer, then you should closely study the impact of different colors to people’s emotions.  You can use the Color Harmony 2: A Guide to Creative Color Combination.  This resource book comes with a useful palette picker.  It provides information on how to use and combine different colors to make your graphics more compelling.  It also has an easy to use color wheel which will enable you to choose the right hues and saturation for your design graphics.

Use Cover Graphics that Represent Your Product

One picture can convey a thousand words.  This may sound too cliché but images are very effective communicators.  Pictures, images, and visual representations are very powerful tools to bring your message to your target audience.  When creating cover graphics, make sure to use pictures or images that represent your company or product.  It is a form of branding that has a lasting impact on the consumers.  By using effective images or pictures, your target audience will immediately recognize what your product represents.  This enhances brand recognition and increases your potential to get more sales and leads.  You can conceptualize your own brand image and work closely with a design professional who will create the graphics for your product.  You can also render a good brand graphic design by using design software or picture editor.

Cover Design

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How to Create Compelling Cover Design: The Art of Branding Your Product

Learning how to create a compelling cover design is crucial for the success of your product.  It does not matter whether you are publishing a book, an ebook, a report, an online manual, or an audio material.  You will definitely need a cover with exceptional graphics in order to brand your product.  Graphic covers are very important in building a brand.  The success of your product depends primarily on how you present it to consumers.  So if you are looking for resources that will help you create exceptional designs for your book or CD cover, then here are some easy and quick steps that could guide you.

Use Cover Design Software to Generate Compelling Images

Using graphics software is one of the easiest methods for creating a compelling cover design for your published material.  Almost all graphic applications today are user friendly.  Even if you are not a professional graphic artist, you will be able to generate attractive designs by simply using graphic software.  For Mac users, the Disk Cover is a good option.  This is a straightforward application that can create CD covers and book covers.  It has more than 23,000 free to use images and more than 90 professional templates.  Just customize the text and choose a suitable color theme and your CD or book cover will be ready within minutes.

Another exceptional cover design tool is CorelDRAW Graphic Suite Educational Edition.  This graphic suite is easier to use compared to high end graphic applications like Photoshop.  CorelDraw offers everything you need for creating professional book covers, CD covers, in-lays, and cover templates.  Customizing your design is easier too because this edition provides thousands of fonts, premium clipart, and royalty photos.  CorelDRAW is compatible with almost all Windows platforms.

Learn Cover Design the Traditional Way

If you are not yet confident with your design skills, then you should consider getting a resource book that will teach you everything about graphic design. This is a long term approach because you can use the design ideas for your future projects.  Some great resources are readily available for you at Amazon.  For example, you can use the book Front Cover: Great Book Jackets and Cover Design.  This comprehensive resource book provides a visual history of the greatest designs of the 20th century.  This book will help you in visualizing great design ideas.  The book also presents hundreds of samples and inputs from renowned graphic designers.

If you are fond of classical designs and exquisite graphic patterns, then you can learn a lot from the Art of American Book Cover.  This book has 136 pages that illustrate the best works of American designers.  It contains 100 full color pictures and illustrations of the most compelling book designs from 1875 to 1930.  Different styling techniques are discussed in the book which will help you greatly in creating your own cover design.  It is a valuable resource that will enable you to understand how to integrate different design elements and color patterns for your book, CD cover, or any other published product.


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