Main Keywords* 1 2 3
URLs (max) 1 2 3
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* These are main keywords but we will also be optimizing subsidiary keywords as part of the SEO process. You may read further details below on how we work.

Google’s latest Penguin algorithm change has revolutionized the way SEO works. Google checks sites out very carefully now for:

1. How trustworthy the site looks.

2. Repeat copyright violations, via DMCA takedown requests.

3. Over stuffing of keywords on the site itself.

4. Relevancy of the backlinks linking back to the site.

5. No follow links in the site’s link profile.

6. An over-used keyword being used in the backlinks linking to it.

7. Conversation taking place on social media sites about the site.

8. Social qualifiers in the anchor text linking to the site.

9. Plus a whole slew of other as of yet unknown factors.

That’s not it, there is rumor going around that Google is about to launch a brand new algorithm change that is supposed to be bigger than any other they have ever made.

This is what Matt Cutts from Google just announced:

“You don’t want the next Penguin update.” He also stated that the Google “engineers have been working hard,” on this upcoming update. He concluded by warning that the next few updates will be “jarring and jolting” for webmasters and SEOs.

SEO is undoubtedly going to get tougher and tougher as time goes on. Our SEO strategies cover everything you need in order to run a successful SEO program for you site. This involves analyzing your site and competitors sites to the point where we will be able to produce a detailed plan that will get your site to page one.

Here are the steps we go through when implementing SEO techniques:

Step One: Keyword Research

Once you sign up and give us your URL we’ll get our keyword research department immediately working on compiling a list of competitive and noncompetitive keywords we think you should consider on your campaign.

Once you have the list we’ll ask you to pick one of the keywords to declare as your primary keyword for your campaign.

The rest of the keywords on the list will then be considered the nonprimary keywords for your campaign.

Step Two: Competition Research

Once you pick out your primary keyword we’ll get our web research team to work inspecting the sites already ranking on page one for it.

We believe that sites already ranking on page one are excellent guides to let us know what variables Google is favoring at any given time.

That type of information is absolutely invaluable when you’re looking to rank a site post Penguin.

What our research team will do is check:

A) the onsite optimization of each of the ranking sites.

B) what types of backlinks each of the sites have.

C) what types of links they have on social media sites as well.

D) plus a few other critical areas we won’t get into with you until you’re our customer.

We’ll then formulate a specific plan of action to emulate what we have found from our research.

Step Three: On Page Optimization Of Your Website

Once we know what keyword you want to go after on your site we’ll also get our HTML department to examine how well your site is optimized for the keyword you selected.

In some cases our team will be available to make the changes for you free of charge as long as it isn’t anything to drastic that needs to be cleaned up.

Otherwise we will let you know what needs to be done so you can make the changes yourself.

Step Four: Backlinking To Your Existing Backlinks

While all the other steps are taking place we’ll then pull a list of as many existing backlinks to your site as we can find to examine their quality and relevancy to your site.

Once we are sure what links are the best quality ones we’ll then start backlinking them every day for an entire month in order to increase their authority and the amount of link juice flowing to your site from them.

Step Five: We’ll Check Your Anchor Text For Social Qualifiers

Just about everyone knows these days that you need social qualifiers as anchor text linking to your site in order to make your link profile look far more natural to the search engine crawlers.

So part of this service includes us sending out additional links to your site in which we only use your naked url and social qualifiers (click here, check them out, etc.) as the anchor text. We’ll keep the links running for an entire 30 days. So you’ll receive lots of link juice from this step as well.

Not only that but we’ll also include your non primary keywords in with the list of social qualifiers we use. Which will help your link profile look far more natural to the crawlers.

Step Six: We’ll Set Up 20 Web 2.0 Pages Linking Back To Your Site Using Your Primary Keyword As The Anchor Text

We’ll submit 20 or so spun articles and will post them on Web 2.0 pages with your chosen keyword being used as the anchor text on all of them.

Step Seven: We’ll Then Backlink The Web 2.0 Articles We Submit For An Entire Month As Well.

We do this so that the Web 2.0 articles we submit will get indexed as well as increase in authority. Which in turn will increase the amount of link juice flowing to your site from them.

We’ll even backlink any other web 2.0 articles you currently have. Just paste them in your campaign details after you sign up and we’ll take care of it for you at no extra charge!

Step Eight: We’ll Write A 400 Word Original Article And Post It As A Squidoo Lens With A Backlink To Your Site Using Your Primary Keyword As The Anchor Text

We’ll create a lens with an original 400 word article and will add a related image to it as well as related Youtube videos.

After that we’ll backlink the lens for a period of 30 days to increase the link juice flowing from it to your site!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the campaign last?

The links we submit for you will be for a period of 30 days.

What if I want to continue with you service at the 30 days end?

Just let us know and you can renew the campaign.

Can I supply the article you use my Squidoo Lens and Web 2.0 Articles?

For sure you can. Just let us know after you sign up.

Will the Squidoo Lens you create for me end up getting ranked on to page one on Google?

There is a really good chance it will rank for one or more of the keywords the more it is backlinked to. The Penguin algorithm change seems to favor Web 2.0 sites in the serps. So you’ll be able to count that as extra traffic if and when your lens ranks.

Can I supply the non primary keywords you use as well?

Yes. Just let us know after you sign up.

What type of backlinks do you use?

The name of the game these days post Penguin is relevancy. Just know that we’ll use a wide variety of targeted links that are related to the topic of your site to insure the links are relevant.

Will you guarantee my site will increase in rankings by using this service?

Not at all. SEO campaigns take time these days. But we’ll communicate with you throughout the process as we work hard to improve your site rankings.

Will I get a report of the Web 2.0 links you create for me?

Yes you will.

What is the turn-around time once I sign up for this?

We’ll get busy working on your campaign within 48 hours of you signing up and submitting your campaign to us.


We can legally and ethically make no guarantee or promise, other than the fact that our work, process, past experience and proven system can give your website the best chance to rank well on the Major Search Engine Results pages for specific keyword phrases we target.
It usually takes about 2 months for the SEO efforts to propagate and provide results.