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“Who Wants to Have a Top Notch Cinema Intro Style Video Like Internet Marketing Gurus Are Paying Thousands of Dollars to Produce?”


Promo videos are part of every internet marketing guru’s success. If you don’t have a video promoting your product yet, you are missing out on potential sales. Videos are simply an unbeatable for driving traffic to your site.

While a stunning minisite design is proven to grab attention and makes visitors stay longer on a site, a professionally designed video is likely to boost your sales. With add-on effects such as background cinematic theatrical music, videos have the ability to create the perfect mood to capture attention in a way that static graphics can’t.

While anyone can have a go at making videos, not everyone has the professional tools to create seamless ones. At eCoverBox, we do it for you!

Template 1 – Dune


Template 2 – Infinity


Template 3 – Epic


Template 4 – Heavens


Template 5 – Conquest


Template 6 – Screen max


Template 7 – Underground


Template 8 – Underground 2


Template 9 – Star Burst


Template 10 – Pulsar


Template 11 – Mystery


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** Up to 40 Words – 200 Characters

Kick off your shoes, lie back and leave your design in the professional hands of eCoverBox Team!

Terms :

1. Please note by the time you see the video the production the costs have already gone in, making it a full and complete production. So we cannot allow free revision or reconstructions.
2. We will do minor updates or corrections Correcting text mis-spellings that somehow got through, replacing a 1-2 pictures that just doesn’t quite work.. These would be true revisions, not total re-constructs.
3. Generally a maximum of 40 words/200 Characters for 30-40 sec video.