Pinbot Review – Does PInterest Really Work As a Source of Traffic?

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I always thought Pinterest traffic was subpar to other social media traffic. But I’ve seen very different results the last 7 days  using Pinbot software.  I was totally wrong.

This software really does allow you to realistically make about $100 a day, or bring in a 150 optins a day to your own funnel.  I explain how we did it in the review.

Pinbot works by following people on Pinterest based on keyword you select. So, if you chose the keyword “internet marketing”  then repining one of their images, then Tweeting the repinned image on your board.  The first two actions each generate an email to the person you followed.
This results in a high ratio of being refollowed by them…which is your goal…lots of followers. Follow more people, more people follow you back.  This is standard on all social networks.

As you have more followers, they will start to repin your pictures, which will have a link to either one of your offers, or an affiliate offer.

This pictures can be spread hundreds of times…thousands of times and more.  Resulting in very targeted traffic to your offers.
Because this is totally automated (and super super easy to set up), you’ll have this running and start getting traffic by the end of the day.

WHO THIS IS FOR:  Internet Marketers, Affiliate Marketers, Site Owners

REVIEW:  Don’t let the simplicity fool you. This is a very powerful software that is capable of driving a lot of very targeted traffic.

First things first…let’s talk about the technical aspect of the software.

Its very lightweight, and can run multiple instances at once. This is similar to having several browser windows open at once. This means that the software can do a lot of work very, very fast. For example we were able to follow 150 new users in about 7 minutes.

After following a new person, and repining one of their pictures, the software will also publish this new image to a Twitter account you specify

Auto-unfollow feature is very cool too.  It gets rid of people that you are following, but are not following you back.  This is pretty straight forward, and I’ve seen similar things on Twitter bots.  However, this works much, much cleaner.

This software makes it incredibly easy to get a near unlimited amount of followers on Pinterest…so what can you do with this?
You have a few ways to monetize it. Let’s go over 3.

1.  Your own offers.

Post pictures that people in your target niche will repine the most.  Let’s say you are in Internet marketing.  You could add a cool infographic about SEO.   Then in the description, add a link back to your site.  Each time someone looks at your image, they will see a link to your site and this can drive very targeted traffic.

2. Affiliate offers.

Pretty much the same thing, but you can go after all kinds of niches.  Even though its a crowded space, Pinterest is AWESOME for weight loss offers targeting women.  All you have to do here, is an image of a very fit woman with an inspirational phrase on it…and it WILL be shared…a lot.   This is the easiest way to get traffic to a high converting offer as you will see anywhere.

There is an upsell to a tool that will add Amazon affiliate product images to your Pinterest account. This is highly, highly recommended if you play to use this as an affiliate marketer.  You basically don’t have to think at all to make money by combining these too tools.  However, this is not needed if you plan on just promoting your own products.

3. SEO?!?!

Yup, Pinterest is great for SEO too.  So, add some viral pictures…and each time they get shared, its another backlink to your site from a very trusted and strong domain.   Now, this would not be my sole SEO strategy…but its a very nice side benefit for sure.

Go grab this one now if you are not currently using Pinterest for a targeted traffic source.

pinterest, pinterest marketing,pinterest seo



4 / 5 stars     

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