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Facebook Timeline Page

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Is “Fan Gating” dead with Timeline?


You have heard right, Facebook Timeline has arrived on Feb 29, 2012.

So….Is “Fan Gating” Dead with Timeline?

The Timeline page with the large cover image is the mandatory default page and the former “Default Landing Page” drop down menu is gone on Timeline Pages.

The good news is…fan-gating is NOT dead. It just implies a different strategy…

If you have been using your “Fan Page” to capture leads or to get “Likes” and want to keep doing so with the new Timeline, this is what you need:

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This powerful app has great widgets and tools that will allow you to customize your Timeline page as you like.

Step by Step Facebook Marketing Strategies Exposed

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Effective Facebook Marketing Strategies


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Facebook Marketing

Most of us spend some of our time (if not lots!) on Facebook chatting with friends, uploading pictures, and staying in touch…
…but have you ever thought of leveraging Facebook the Right Way so you can reap the benefits of it from a business point of view?
Amy is one of the few top Facebook Marketing experts. She has worked with famous people like Tony Robbins, helping them tap into the Facebook riches.

With close to 1 Billion members on Facebook there is no question this is the best place online to get more leads, traffic, and sales.
If you’ve always had trouble understanding Facebook Marketing…then you MUST check out this video:

Are you making the most out of it right now or letting your competitors take the leads from you?
You don’t want to miss out on learning how to tap into the Facebook Gold Mine…
Take action now and watch this short video:


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