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In the complaint, filed in the United States District Court for the Western District of Michigan, the Commission alleges that, from at least 2007 to March 2010, Wegener, who, along with Wealth Resources, acted as an unregistered broker and investment adviser, raised at least $6.5 million from at least twenty investors by falsely representing that he would invest their funds in securities through Wealth Resources. The complaint further alleges that after he received the customers’ funds, Wegener gave them purported “brokerage account” statements from Wealth Resources that falsely represented that he invested the money in a variety of investments, including publicly traded securities, publicly traded mutual funds, two private companies in which Wegener had an ownership interest, other private companies, and other “funds.” According to the complaint, in reality, Wegener did not use the customers’ money to purchase the investments as represented. Instead, Wegener used the customers’ money (1) for personal expenses, (2) to pay business expenses for and make investments on his own behalf in entities in which he held an ownership interest, including WU Ventures, LLC, Secura Technology, LLC, and Trailblazer Learning, Inc., as well as Wealth Resources itself; and (3) to make Ponzi like payments to other customers who requested a return of all or part of their investment.

The term, lorikeets, is most often associated with parrots having long and stretched out tails. The narrow pointed tail provides it with the ability to move quickly and fly fast. Lorikeets have unique brush like tongue edges which allow them to eat pollen, grains, and nectars.

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Instead of the standard drop down menus, you are presented with four actions along the top Capture, Edit, Produce, and Create Disc. The rest of the commands are found in the vertical icon bar on the left side of the screen. These icons are where the real power lies.The “Media Room” handles the actual work screen.

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