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After fifteen years, master and student meet once more. It is then that Kenshin will complete his training, if Kenshin can survive Hiko ego.The cloak is not only distinctive for all Hiten Mitsurugi masters, but it also serves to strengthen them in peacetime. Even when conflict is not at the door, Hiko remains in training just by wearing it, as it is composed of several heavy materials that weigh him down and force him to work out because of counter springs with pressure of around 37.5 kilograms.

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The bottom line is, WE are accountable.Sure, criminal penalties ought to be borne by the offenders. But systematic failures like we are witness to today, where entire police forces are corrupt where they confiscate and suppress evidence (LAquan McDonald), where they lie under oauth the responsibility for that is on the citizens who continue to employ these people.The offenders are getting fired, and then getting re hired in the same job, different city. These lines are not as cut and dry as peope think.

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